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Patch #17

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Hey everyone!

Today's patch includes a bunch of new features and life improvements!

• Weapon proficiencies have been added. The more you use your gun, the more points you're getting that you can assign to different stats. This is a small bump (5% per stat), but it's a good meta for the min/maxers out there!
• Delivery Drone. Find a special Extraction Flare in the world. Use it to call in an Extraction Drone. Wait until it arrives in predefined locations on the map. You will be able to place items from your backpack and they will be safely transported to your Mailbox. Be aware that other players will see this drone and can ambush you. Very similar to The Division's Extraction mechanic from the Dark Zone
• Rarity loot titles. Armor and guns now have colored plates for their names so you can clearly identify their rarity before picking them up
• Backpack will auto-change if it's larger than equipped. If you pick up a larger backpack, even if you don't have slots available, it will automatically swap

• Pierceable objects. We fixed a bug that made some objects not pierceable by bullets. Hiding behind fences and boxes will not save you anymore!
• Fixed an issue with Automatic Gun sounds. Gun sounds are still planned to be replaced and are on the roadmap
• Zombie animation speed fixes
• Item weight check when moving items out of the container
• Backpack item swap issues have been resolved
• Container item swap issues have been resolved
• Ammo duplication glitch has been fixed

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