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Sergey Titov

Contesting a Moderator Decision

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Forum Account Issues
If you do not agree or you would like to request an overturn on a Moderator or Developer decision you are welcome to, as long as it is done in a polite and respectful manner. You can do this by contacting a moderator via the private message (PM) system or sending in a ticket explaining what happened to Shattered Skies Support.
Warnings, Infractions, Post removals and Bans are not to be posted or discussed on the forums. Please do not discuss any moderation made to your account on the forums, but bring it up to us via a private message (PM)
Violations of this rule will result in the post/thread being deleted and may result in actions, up to and including permanent suspension.
Please note that threads/posts may be removed/edited without notice or reason given.
In-Game Account Issues
Any actions made to your in-game account or issues encountered can only be handled through the ticket system. Any requests made on the forum regarding in-game account actions will be directed to the ticket portal. In game account bans/issues/problems are not to be posted or discussed on the forums.
These matters are handled discreetly in order to best protect users from exposing personally identifiable information.
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