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  1. i just want the bugs fixed and what some are complaining about is the terrible ADS execution in this game is what they also need to fix
  2. I have some suggestions that could help bring people into the game. Care Packages/Flares in the store for GC - I completely believe this is a bad idea for a game to add the ability for players to purchase weapons, in game cash, and such things to the game. The sniper package is the highest where you get a 10 vectors, 10 m4s, 2 snipers, flares, ammo, like a full kit for 30 dollars USD which is probably level 1 since the guns are locked behind progression such as an ak is locked until level 5 or a IWI tavor like weapon until level 7 (5 xp per zombie kill or more with missions in game). I personally dont care about the GI spaces for sale since it doesnt give an advantage, but the weapons, flares are a bad idea. Keep cosmetics obviously. XP Boosters 1 dollar USD per hour or 20 hours = 15 dollars USD - I have nothing to say on this since its the beginning of the game, but yet we have like no players playing so idk how many can say its a good idea or bad, personally ive never bought xp boosters in any game, not even in runescape 3 (i only play osrs which does a much better job as it use to be back in 05/06 with less p2w) Buildings needing textures (its minor but oh well ill add it in) - North town houses need textures as they literally dont have it and some other houses down south in the cities have the "placeholder" text on the building exterior. Cool downs for missions - Can we remove the cool down of the 30 minute timer after completing missions, its not such a good idea... POI ideas - Get an alert of 30 minutes ahead of time in a random city with a horde of zombies trying to protect a spot such as an important structure or character that is standing there. After completion of protecting the AI for around 20 mins or 10 mins, you get a nice bonus from the AI in a crate (not an airdrop crate) you speak with the AI, they give you a lootable crate that you have to leave to the safezone. - Reactor event as many others have said, where you start a timer on a box/whatever you desire and wait for players to show up, but have to fight turrets and zombies to even get into that POI and begin the event with more zombies coming in. We would want this to be made worth while for it. Drone ideas i have heard about - These drone ideas that people are saying you can drop your loot into and make it easy to the Safezone, please dont make it a thing, its not a good idea because there is no risk to cut someone off in the middle of there run to the safezone. maybe instead add a bandit camp where you can hire a person with In game dollars to have them deliver your loot to the global inventory depending on the rarity and other details pertaining to the item. City liberation like in Aftermath - Add a mechanic like in aftermath where you have a set amount of zombies you have to kill to liberate the city and gain a box with loot. Secure containers - Please remove these imo, its not good. Small list, but if anyone else has any other ideas, just comment and ill try to add it in the list??
  3. i got some 50$ office chair from office max, and its a lot better for me than any other chair, leather stays attached to
  4. agtreed only without lives. and i +1 this entire post of his ideas except the legends, having lives
  5. they should stick to one game def. and should also remove those stupid gun boxes in the store
  6. in the tall clearview apartment, ground floor
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