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  1. i aint gonna say much cuz this prob will be deleted or ill be banned or smth but please dont buy any of the in game store stuff they out here sayin that stuff is on sale to try nd get u to buy it when in reality even with the "sale" numbers its actually more expansive than it was a day ago if yall need proof lmk and ill show it or u can just take my word but either is fine i aint stressed abt it just dont buy it yall be carefull with these people.
  2. yea i get that but the problem im mentioning isnt finding the actual guns is just buyin them with irl money which in it of itself makes them less rare meaning more people have it then more people use it makin it easier to get and making it not as rare as it would be if we had to find them only not saying ur wrong im just saying my main problem is that. i understand why u think im saying they are easy to find lootin nd stuff cuz in the start of the post i had just started and thought it was gonna be easy to find every little thing but with more play time (90hours) i see that they are still hard to find is just they had to throw in a stupid system as they usually always do with every "new game" and its been bothering me.
  3. yea this tier thing was smth i wasnt used to and didnt understand at the time but i get it now but anyway i still stand by the point that snipers and some other random guns should be rare to find and i know this game isnt mainly survival like dayz for example but there still needs to be things that are hard to find in it of itself otherwise its really boring and deminishes the reward system in the game not sayin high tiers should be harder or easier to find im saying the guns themselves should be and not all of them either but like i said specifically snipers and like scars for example.
  4. they are extremely delusional and ive never seen anyone that has this problem as badly as they do they constantly compare themselves to big games thinkin that they can pull stuff off the same way the other companies do and think they are in 2012-2013 when they could have huge events like this or constantly remake the same game thinking they are gonna get 180k players with no advertising just because of their follower count on facebook or smth its really sad to see cuz i want the game to be good so badly but they dont hold realistic standards and are all over place but i guess dream big and hope for a lucky strike again or smth,
  5. yea agreed is like they have a meta for third person being the only good pov unintentionally.
  6. i like mostly all these things i just think it would be best to chill with multiple servers at the moment because of the low population of players and i was gonna say that the "reactor" style of events was gonna be a bad idea due to it spliting the pop but honestly it could bring more people instead even if they only play that game mode and sometimes splash into the regular survival game but overal not bad ideas i was expecting less cuz i was thinking u guys arent all there in the head (that means alot coming from a guy that barely use punctuations i know) but we will see this is definetly positive tho keep it up.... please.
  7. xp boosts are like a grey area i honestly dont feel like its bad for the game due to the methods of XP bein basically the same its kinda of a thing that if you want you can have if you dont then it wont be a problem either so thats fine unlike games where your level is basically the main thing. flares are a retarded idea period sure leave air drops around but the flare thing where u can buy it on the store is just stupid asf. building needin textures is very necesary for new people in the game to not feel like they are playin a random game from one of those free browser games except this one is 30 dollars and rapes your computer when you play. 30min -1hour cooldown on missions is dumb and unnecesary as fuck im on the last mission and when i fail i literally have to spend an hour watchin videos to then come back to be able to try again and if i fail again unlucky i guess. i get ur trying to make it so its less bad but atleast what i feel is that anything taking your loot to your safezone that isnt you shouldnt be in the game thats the lazies and most boring thing ever i rather get killed every single time im about to get to the save zone by some nerd than this cuz atleast ill know that if some loser is camping the safezone than the loot is actually worth my time. city liberations sound nicer if the map was bigger at the moment with the map the size as is it would be less fun cuz you literally run like the flash and get to another city within 2 minutes max ur feet cant even keep up with ur speed but i guess who needs to achieve speed with your feet when you are the speed. and these containers are too big i have 3 of them cuz i spent 100 bucks on this game and the ones u get from the most expensive account is absolutely massive and the only problem with space that i have encountered with them to where i could say they are small would be when i literally cant figure out which one of my 9 other items in there are more valuable and then i realized it doesnt matter what item i stuff in there cuz there isnt anyone online so who tf about to kill me and take my shit the zombies? which is actually not even that crazy of a statement cosidering the zombies are literally that dude from the fuckin "jumper" movie where they teleport around and if u walk up to kill them they will walk like 20 feet ahead and hit you again and u cant stab and hit them to death so the only way is to either shoot them or to walk them forward like they are your pet and then walk backwards so that they teleport to you instead of forwards which now that i put it into text makes me realize that ive literally learned more about how to manage multiple bugs in the game than other shit that should be usefull and if anyone needs i can literally teach you how to jump off huge places and take no damage to how to bug zombies so you can shoot them without them even bein able to walk up and hit you in cities and other shit. anyways tho went on a little rant there at the end but yep those are my opinions on the problems u cited overall dont disagree with most you said but hey we are here to give our thoughts so we are obviously gonna think differently in some subjects. take care.
  8. i understand the problem and ur point with losing money but do u think trying to grow a game instead of making a new one make u lose less money? not calling you out just actually curious cuz idk how things are goin financially for the company etc.
  9. where do you use this card im literally collecting them with no purpose at this point. also wondering how do u level up your general market reputation so that you can purchase cosmetics such as clothes atm mine is at level 7 and nothing.
  10. where u find it? was it just random?
  11. id like to see more snipers in the game not in the sense of it bein easy i want them to be hard as shit to find but i want there to be a variety not just 1 boring one.
  12. I just wanted to know whats is the plan for the dificulty of finding guns as in if its gonna change or stay what it currently is? because i feel like with how easy it is to find weapons in the game currently and the fact that u can literally buy the guns with irl money it somewhat ruins the apeal of finding weapons and looting and turn it from a survival game to a PvP only game ridled with kids with ADHD that have glowing green guns and chrome helmets(NewZ) in where the reward from killing someone becomes absolutely meaningless because its not like in ISS for example (atleast in the start) to where if u killed someone and they dropped a sniper or if u found a sniper u would feel like what u just did meant something where as of now i literally have like 5 hours played and have 6 snipers and 100 M4s and killing someone means absolutely nothing and dying means absolutely nothing aswell in my opinion things should be way more difficult to find so that the whole pvp experience even feels worth while. and regarding the item boxes i just think they kinda ass seeing that on the ground doesnt feel nearly as rewarding as seeing a vss or smth dropped but idk just my opinion. playin since warz alpha big fan guys. oh and also almost forgot to add but dont think its a good idea to instead of sticking to one game to be making a new one every 2-3 years i dont feel personally that this is the kind of game that can get away with that u guys could just do wipes instead and keep all the cosmetic items but remove all guns level etc i feel like that would keep people playing way more than you guys constantly starting from zero and hoping to get lucky with popularity and having us pay every time.
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