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  1. The quest hand in is currently bugged. The delivery should be in front of the vendor but it is currently not working in game, this was confirmed on the discord by devs. Happy hunting
  2. happens some times, try to re link your account to the drops by signing off and back on at drops.playoutbreak.com and see if that helps. Remember that the drops are random and not guaranteed every 27 mins. Good luck and happy hunting
  3. Did you make sure all the options were ticked during installation like direct X, microsoft visual ect when installing the game? fairly sure if you install everything It will work fine. On another note if you search it on google you can download the file itself and place it in the game file, that in theory should work.
  4. I think the refund policy was only for the same day it was purchased. You buy it you play you dont like it get cash back, correct me if i am wrong.
  5. Your welcome buddy, hope you found it in the end. Takes a while but they do spawn, problem is they are very small so they are hard to see. You can also find another different key called Fire 2 within the fire station itself to open a small room in the back with a few goods.
  6. Watching a streamer tonight that has been having issues with this quest, he has the amount he needs but it wont track the 4 he needs to loot. He found a few and on pick up nothing it would not count towards his 0/4 required. Is his quest bugged or is it a known issue? Edit: Posted this in the wrong dam section, Doh. Can an admin please move it to the bug section thanks.
  7. Been on break from World of warcraft for around 8 months now, mainly playing the last of us part 2 on PS atm and for pc it depends really some times I go for a SP game like the Command and Conquer remake or MMO the elder scrolls online.
  8. I have a Dx racer and its really comfortable, although there are a large amount of high quality chairs on the market and as suggested Secret lab is very good quality chairs. Imo its quite an essential piece of equipment so that you don't injure your self while gaming (posture ect) so I wouldn't go for a cheap option which in the long run after years of gaming will end up back and neck problems.
  9. Dont think so as its prob going to be detected as a hack with the new system they have, or so I gather from what Ive read on their post. Seems like the system will be looking at how your files and code run and based on that decides if your running modified code or hacks. Hope that helps. Happy hunting
  10. Hey mate Ive found that if you use the same server you wont be spawning in other places other than where you logged off. Now if say you logged off in server 2 but the day after you log onto server 1 because it has more/less people then you will be spawned randomly to avoid people server hopping and stealing all the loot in areas in multiple servers. If you log out of server 2 and tomorrow back into server 2 then you will be where you left the game, tried if multiple times today and its that way. Hope that answers your question. Happy hunting
  11. Not atm as far as I am aware buddy, maybe a dev can answer as I will prob be upgrading my game to lmao
  12. Evening SgtCodFish, I found the key around clearview mainly in the police station but other times around the city in general. As for the radio they can be found in small military camps scattered across the map. Hope this helps, Happy hunting.
  13. Not sure if the premium time is for when the game actually goes into beta/live version same as the hoverbike which is not in game due to early alpha. Perhaps the devs can tell us
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