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  1. So, guns are going to take 1 slot in your inventory, I'm guessing this is due to the recent poll. How does this make you feel? Personally, I feel like it makes the game more unrealistic, removes the survival aspect as everyone will have guns galore in their banks. Most guns have very little durability and you can't sell unless it's full not to mention the bank space is limited.
  2. Why do dev's post things and then not reply to anything unless is to criticise something? They don't reply to general posts either. Is there no forum admin on here or anything? Where's the engagement?
  3. There is always a possibility of been unlawfully banned. What if this happens to someone and then they are stuck in this server? It would be pretty quick to work this out I suppose. Been in enough online games to spot a hacker or 10. Call of duty *cough cough*
  4. I totally agree. I got free access. The same textures as shattered skies. Personally, I don't like the engine they use one bit. It's too clunky and outdated. Animations are poor. The sprinting animation is the worst, it's so generic, like from a cartoon. No climbing or vaulting. I agree with the doors, they aren't complex mechanisms, so why do I have to think about it when I open it? Sounds are from WarZ still, and probably sounds from the engine itself. No real sounds used like most games use these days. Directional sound is off too, gun fights sound closer than they are. Feel like I need to do a 360 just to work out where the zombie growling at me is coming from. The map is far too bland and open. Always running in the open. I get that it can add a sense of fear from being out in the open, but a more tree filled map would feel better. The massive lake behind the Safe Zone is pointless too. The map should feature real life places. Fun fair, big ferris wheel and stuff, shopping centres, train or scrap yards, big hospital, schools, libraries, science buildings, military checkpoints. Not just a town here and a town there with a gas station from time to time. I remember the log cabin in WarZ, I loved that place when I found it. Added atmosphere to the game, shit loot there though. The game should have blood over all the building, bullet holes. It should feel like the military failed. This is there chance to make this game into something instead of recreated the same again for a millionth time. I doubt we will see anything I've said, but it would be nice. Waiting for Dead Matter alpha play next month.
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