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  1. Thats the best thing currently... the listening. Everything that has been an actual voice for change has bee done. They have made so many changes based on the community.
  2. Cant wait for the new HUD. Its looking solid
  3. Normally takes a few minutes
  4. I mean it had both. I personally like it because it gives those people who play FPS the chance to only play that. I loved SS but i think this system is good
  5. Is the game still popping? I havent played it in years
  6. Oh i thought they changed it! My bad
  7. They Posted it on discord before i thought? Great update!
  8. I think it’s good. I would like to see more zombies for severs that are like that. When you guys expand the map maybe have sections that are more hard and require more to get loot.
  9. When you disconnect from a server can you guys make it be you spawn where you logged off? Tired of spawning in a popped server after logging out in safezone and then logging in the bottom of the map.
  10. Yea this was a few days ago before!
  11. That’s the only struggle is getting people on it
  12. I think third person servers have been amazing so far.
  13. He said they were working on the med issue currently
  14. Revive needs to go. Insta med with cd is good. Barricades are good just make a limit to how many you can carry. The buildings I agree are super dark.
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