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  1. warz/iss was never intended to be realistic... thats why it was popular besides all those "immersive, realistic" other games...
  2. they are aware of the issue, hopefully it is fixed soon
  3. i like that they listen to us nobody needs another "hardcore" survival game anyway... there are countless out there - we need something thats fun to play shoot and loot
  4. i like every point from Duke except the camera placement... i like how it was in warz
  5. performance is better BUT miles away from how high they should be with my system...
  6. i honestly do not know, try it out refund should be like steam early access - so you can return it within the first 2 hours of launching it
  7. yeah but all the lvl 5s i found had like 200 durability and were gone within a few shots... like nothing changed
  8. what were the changes? please explain stats are still random on lvl 1-5 - no fixed values like people wanted lvl 4 often still better than lvl 5 (more DR, more durability.....) it still breaks instantly, just the icon/picture changed for them?
  9. having a blast on them when enough people are online
  10. Anti-aliasing is still giving me a blurry effect my system: [email protected], 2080ti, 32gb [email protected], game is on a m2 ssd(nvme)
  11. are we allowed to modify the config file? like going for a higher FOV etc.? since it is technically not tempering with game files i still wanted to know if we are allowed to modify some parts
  12. instant meds and shields are good - ofc there should be a limit on shields -> like you can only carry up to 5 (wood and iron combined not 5 each) and let them stack lightning inside buildings needs a lot of attention - it is way to dark we tend to rush campers but i caught myself camping sometimes, we even stay on a server to go to safezone instead of logging out since we are looking for fights and if we get kakd on the sz run great for the other team - even pistols are viable thats why loot is no concern
  13. TPS feels a lot better than only FPS, though movement is not like warz or ss sometimes we rubberband when we jump, we get stuck around trees, feels more clunky than the other 2 games was so funny to see all FPS servers empty (literally 0 people) and all on tps - now a few people use them to loot.... guess you asked the wrong people what the community rly wants
  14. i just used 1 airdrop (milnet) and it just vanished and no airdrop, no sound that one comes.....
  15. nice! please unban on discord, i will keep it contructive only in the future
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