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  1. Ive heard of people that haven't gotten a single sniper in tens of hours of playtime. I myself found 2 in about 60 hours of actual playtime. I wouldn't say thats too much, especially since the ones i found do not onetap on the head. I imagine those that do will be quite a bit more rare.
  2. It was never a real survival game and they have never stated PvP wouldn't be the focus. The opposite is true, Sergey stated the core focus of the game is PvP in his pcgamer article. Loot should never be sold in the ingame store for real money, even in the form of airdrops, true. But low tier gear should be very common, while very high end gear remains rare (I.e legendaries, snipers...) ofcourse. Almost every encounter should be a gunfight. Early SS did the rarities right in every way except for the legendaries that didn't drop on death imo. And while the way they did loot in OND seems similar it doesn't feel as rewarding as it did in Shattered. But I'd never want them to make loot so rare as to where people mainly fight with pistols, AR's should always be easy to find, just not the high tier ones.
  3. True, events that give good rewards need to be contested. This was an issue in SS, people could get free top tier loot on low pop servers. Though, can't that also be solved by only activating the events on high pop servers, like was done with airdrops at the very beginning of OND alpha? But I see your point. It will for sure be interesting to see it implemented into the game.
  4. Not sure how I feel about instanced PvP events. I'm sure it will make the game more interesting but I much rather have my events out in the world.
  5. This games PvP still needs far too much work for them to add leaderboards or PK system. The PvP as it is now is not even enjoyable. Hell ive been wanting to play SS for years now but can't bring myself to play this game due to the state the PvP is in. But I don't think it should be free, even though it literally has been during the entire drop event. Theres no guaranty it would get the game 10k concurrent players in any case, and its not fair to compare it to league or other big free titles. If a big free title releases one skin, it is sold to millions. If a small studio with a niche audience such as FRE releases the same skin, its sold to only a fraction of that. I.e the same amount of work gets you less money. Besides theres no reason to judge them for the small amount of concurrent players they have now, save that for full release. I just wish we had SS back pepehands
  6. It seems to be bugged. You should be able to tag a few, then relog and tag them again on another server.
  7. Just posting a video made by a guy who doesn't have the slightest clue whats going on in the community... Good job buddy, good job. He literally criticizes them for having things the community wants in this very video, ridiculous if you ask me. If he wants to talk about the game he should atleast know what he is talking about else its just not worth watching this.
  8. Right now you just swap out worse guns for better guns in the middle of your loot run. When you let people fill their bags with guns they will bring back mixtures of high and low end guns, moving the process of picking what you keep to when you're organizing your GI, not when you're looting resulting in less running. Personally Ive not been in a situation where i had so many of the rarest items in the game on me that I couldn't carry more whilst looting. People will never run out of guns as it is, Mk1 and Mk2 are extremely common. Its about getting the rare versions. Making guns only take up one slot is a good change imo. The game isn't meant to be realistic anyway, noone plays it for that and it has always been a poor argument.
  9. ^This Save twitch drops etc. for when the game releases or when it transitions into Beta. Its not ready yet.
  10. The game is currently free in Thailand but thats all we know.
  11. I would like it if it was 3-4 headshots. I think this will increase the importance of headshots over bodyshots. SS had this. However, I do also think this would have to go hand in hand with certain changes in how weapons work (See 8, a&b). Currently only tap firing is 100% predictable and reliable because when you spray or even burst, the recoil is random. And so long that is the case I think my suggestion for 4 headshots to secure a kill might still be a tad much. Some changes I would like to see don't significantly improve the game, to me, unless they're paired with other relevant changes.
  12. Duke


    No, I wish there were tho
  13. 1. A heavy spread penalty when moving does not work in a game designed with instant change in motion. Gunfights end up being close quarters most of the time and the fact tracking ends up being extremely difficult makes it so that moving is still the preferable option. It is simply impossible for the other player to reliably track your head. As the snappy movement is a fundamental aspect of what made previous games, and hopefully this game, good the only reasonable conclusion is that you shouldn’t be penalized for moving when shooting, especially at short ranges. This will make going for headshots viable instead of simply spraying and hoping for the best. 2. Armors, Ammo, guns need to be simplified. All guns of the same type in the same tier (I.e all AK’s in a certain tier, all scars in a certain tier...) should have the exact same stats, regardless of the wear on them. The same goes for armors. 3. Changes have to be made to further accommodate aggressive play. The ability to play aggressive without it being extremely punishing is, to me, a big part past games’ appeal. Where other looter shooters encourage you to sit in a building, or lay in a bush previous FRE games made aggressive play feel viable. I.e the games were ‘arcady’. Having it be that way partially comes down to details imo: TTK has to be right, around 3-4 headshots should secure a kill with a 2x damage modifier. Currently it only takes 2 headshots, this is too few. The relation between the importance of headshots and player health isn't completely linear. Shields should stack and place even at steep angles. Cover on the fly is crucial for aggressive play. Shields could all be wood and thus be easily destroyed to prevent people from building fortresses, so their main purpose will always be allowing people to move from point A to point B without it meaning certain death. Insta meds should heal for a more reasonable amount. It is the player that pushes that will tank most of the damage and is exposed. Being able to instantly med will allow player A to survive longer when player B chips away at his health. Simply chipping away at it while still missing 90% of your bullets should not secure the kill, getting successive headshots should. You should be able to swap guns, place shields and consume meds while sprinting. This will help better the flow when pushing. Zombies are very plentiful. When going out of your way to play aggressive and make a move on someone you first have to deal with hoards of zombies. Having a melee weapon that kills zombies with one hit to the head would help significantly, yet it might not be enough. 4. Having extreme power positions isn’t a good idea in any game. A common misconception in the discord seems to be that ‘people will be looting the city so it doesn’t matter’, it does. Many people are into this game for the PvP, on many occasions the sole reason these people might be playing the game is to engage in PvP. So they flock to the best power position, which currently are the roofs on the office building and billboard building. Remove access to those roofs, they are simply too strong power positions. 5. The current map is bland. Everything looks the same and there's too much space between worthwhile POI. Imo the SS map was excellent, put me anywhere on it and I could tell you where I was. It was interesting and had flavour. 6. Optimization is a huge issue right now. I run the game on a gtx 1070 and hover around 55 FPS in clearview with frequent dips under 45 FPS. This is all on low settings 1920*1080. 7. Visibility in this game is very bad. Some places are too dark, some characters just blend in with their environment too much. I’m colorblind so it could be this issue feels worse to me than others. Either way SS did a great job at visibility, I wish we could have that back. 8. The current recoil system is random. A spray will currently always be random. This will lead to situations where player A decides to tap while player B decides to spray. If player B gets lucky he secures the kill for no other reason than him getting lucky on his spray. The same goes for when both players decide to spray. There's two things that can be done here: A) Add recoil patterns so people can learn the guns. B) Change the system entirely and go with bloom like in SS. Both of these solutions can be managed by the player. 9. We need timed events like reactor from SS, roadblocks and uplinks would add some much needed flavour to the game too. 10. Get rid of the revive feature. It only helps campers and large groups. 11. Further balancing of loot spawns.
  14. Also please remove the revive feature. There is no need for it and i doubt theres anyone that genuinely likes it.
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