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  1. Hey everyone, In today's patch the main focus is the safe zone. It has received several changes. Let us know what you guys think! New • Simple tutorials have been added to the start of the game Changes • Safe zone area has been expanded. More cover and entry/exit pathways have been added • Several gun stats have been adjusted. Ensuring that recoil is better on higher Mk tiers Fixes • Fixed an issue where gun stats wouldn't show correctly • Fixed several loot spawns • Fixed several crashes
  2. Hey everyone, Let us know your thoughts about today's patch! New • Examine loot box. You can look see what's inside before opening it Changes • Armor stats have been tweaked • Moving to Mk1-Mk6 guns. Each tier is slightly better • Safezone has been moved to the center of the map • Loot spawns have been redone Fixes • Fixed an issue with group spawn where players would spawn too far away from each other while entering a server • Fixed an issue with container item move desync • Fixed an issue where orange crates wouldn't require a key • Inventory optimizations have been made
  3. Hey everyone, Please let us know what you think about today's patch, thanks! New • Crafting materials now show in your inventory • Attachment durability has been added • Item rarity is now properly displayed in the UI • Taunts Crate has been added Map • Added a large storage park at the north west of the map • A landing strip at the south east of the map is in the works • Clearview has received some changes. Removed some trees and trashbags Changes • Major balance changes have been made to weapons. We added tiers to all weapons, changed loot spawns to accommodate new logic • Minor tweaks have been made to meds and food making it more consistent. Meds are tweaked to create 'PvP friendly' meds to players that PvP the most • Tweaks have been made to armor. Simplifying overall structure, making armors more durable Fixes • Inventory and UI optimizations have been made. Global Vault should no longer lag • Global Vault database optimizations have been made • Fixed an issue where the Global Vault would crash • Fixed an issue where you wouldn't be able to move unstackable items
  4. Hey everyone! Enjoy today's patch! Let us know what you think! New • Crafting has been added • Added material cartridges for 3D printer to the loot tables • Map labels (Work in Progress) • Personal Storage containers can now be placed in the world. Other players can't access your container but they can destroy it. When succeeded, some items will get lost and some will drop for it to be looted • Map icon timers Changes • Supply Drop flare cooldown has been changed • Map icon for Crafting is now more visible Fixes • Omega Flare is now working correctly • Looted money from containers now show the proper amount • Server optimizations and crash fixes • Revive UI bug has been resolved • Spawning on friend will now work properly. Previously you would spawn further away Map • Map balancing rework • Various ongoing rework changes in heights. Making the map feel more 'cozy' Work in Progress • Adding large explorable area at the north west corner of the map • Breaking up the large lake in the middle and adding a small town instead • Adding Military Airstrip and storage areas around the place where the hay fields are at the south east part of the map Gameplay Loot & Items • Increased quality of Medkits and Stimulants • Painkillers and Antibiotics are now used in Crafting and Trading for Medkits • Several weapon tweaks have been made • Continues testing of player and loot spawns. Major update coming this upcoming weekend
  5. Hey everyone! The new map has been officially released! Please check out the Upcoming section to see what we have planned next. New • A new map has been released • Crafting has been added • NPC, object, and Supply Drop HUD icons have been added • New missions will now be added to the HUD after one has been completed • Mission info will now be displayed on your map • Stamina warnings when you're low are now displayed • Packages in your mailbox will now separate • Context menu for quickslot items Changes • Group members are now clearly highlighted on the map, same way as they're displayed on the HUD • All group members can now see your map waypoint • HUD popup messages improvements have been made • Ammo can no longer be stacked more than 500 in one backpack slot. This is done for the purpose of game balancing Fixes • Fixed a crash when pressing ALT-F4 • Several Journal UI fixes have been made • Backpack and Inventory UI fixes have been made • Menu widgets ordering and fixes have been made • You can repeat missions when they are failed • Default device for VOIP has been fixed Upcoming • AP5 Medkit cooldown lowered down to 3 seconds • Instant use on TRW Medkit with a cooldown of 8 seconds • Smaller use time for Trauma Kit • Increased effects for Stimulants • Changing loot to make it more balanced based on the zones it spawns in • Changing Supply Drops to lure players to specific map points that are otherwise ignored • Adding more rare loot crates randomly throughout the map
  6. Hey everyone! Let us know how the performance is in todays patch! Changes • For testing purposes, we're spawning ammo now instead of ammo inside a box Fixes • Framerate optimizations have been made
  7. Hey everyone! We're getting ready to open up the big map. We're still working on that, but we do expect it to be done shortly! Added • Group members now have tagged icons Changes • A new HUD is currently work in progress • Map icons visibility range has been adjusted • Container item restrictions - No loot bags or backpacks allowed. Ensuring you can't put SMGs or Rifles in Fixes • Fixed an issue on Windows 7 where loading into a server would freeze • Fixed an issue where an error would occur when buying multiple Cosmetic Crates • Fixed an issue with server ping indication. The wrong ping was shown to players
  8. Hey everyone! Lots of changes, fixes, and additions have been made in today's patch. But most importantly, the Survivor Pack owners can now play as well! Welcome everyone! Map • Clearview has received some changes. Dealt with some camping spots • Military crates and Quest items have been removed from rooftops • A second entry point has been added to the second floor of the Police Department • Loot respawn time has been increased in the Police Department Added • Added hipfire spread to all guns while moving • Player Container slot and logic has been changed. The container is now always opened and has a separate slot in your inventory • Fall Damage has been added. If you drop from significant heights, you may break your legs/arms • An additional sound has been added for kill confirmation • Interactive group invite message • Completed Challenges now also show in the UI • Different error messages have been added on item move Changes • Recoil has been adjusted to all automatic weapons (lowered initial kick) • Barricades now drop on death • Container statistics has been changed • Containers no longer allow rifles, SMGs, and Backpacks. Handguns can still be stored • Weight of items inside your Container now also counts towards your the total carry weight of your character • Red reticle has been removed while hovering on other players • Opened doors that require a key will now automatically close after a short period of time • Looting from crates now counts towards mission goals • Armor balances have been made Fixes • Fixed an issue where you would be able to put more items into your container than allowed • Fixed an issue with backpack slot selection • Fixed an issue where the player would be able to kill a player outside the safe zone while in a safe zone • Anti-aliasing has been fixed • XP Boost bonus has been fixed • Inventory and Global Vault UI optimizations and fixes have been made • Missing map icon has been fixed • Zombies should no longer keep it's physics after it disappears
  9. Hey everyone, Supply Drops are finally enabled again. We apologize for the long wait! Added • HUD will now show low Well being affects any regenerations, such as Stamina, etc. Changes • Supply Drops are enabled again! Minor design changes have been made behind the scenes • Changed the way meds work. Now all meds will give you a small amount of HP regeneration • You will now only get fracture when you drop from heights or if you got damaged by certain traps • Changed how often you get severe bleeding Fixes • Fixed an issue where crates would sometimes disappear when looted • Fixed an issue where you can't loot certain cars, such as Ambulances • Fixed an issue where hit markers wouldn't show while ADS • Various UX improvements have been made to Missions/Journal There are tons of under the hood changes that will slowly start affecting gameplay with upcoming patches; namely lowering hop shooting accuracy (adding spread while running), loot rebalances (making loot more realistic for when the big map starts opening up).
  10. Hey everyone! Account wipe is going to happen today around 6:30 to 7:30 PM GMT time. Here is what to expect: 1. All accounts will be reverted to it's state where they were when you created your account. You will keep your character name. 2. All G-COIN purchases will be retained - i.e. you will get all the G-COINs you bought - either as part of Starter Pack or from the Store. 3. If you have registered an account and logged into the game before May 15th, you will get following bonus G-COINs Survivor Pack Holders - 625 G-COINs Zombie Slayer Pack Holders - 1,875 G-COINs Zombie Master Pack Holders - 4,375 G-COINs 4. If you upgraded your account in-game, you will have to do it again. Current price for account upgrades are final and will not be changed.
  11. Hey everyone! Third-person servers are now available! Check out the exclusives below! New • Third-Person servers are now available! - WarZ/ISS "faithful" camera and aiming in third person will return - Switching between TPS and FPS camera at anytime you want - WarZ TPS aiming - WarZ movement (No snare on bullet hit) - WarZ jumping (No snare/slowdown) - Piñata style loot drop. Only available on TPS servers • Group members now spawn all together when joining a server together Changes • Anti-aliasing no longer gives a blurry effect • Crates and cars will now render at a larger distance • All meds now give at least a small amount of HP when used • Some meds are instant use with cooldown • Others require use time but don't have any cooldown • Stamina depletion/regeneration parameters have been adjusted. We will continue to adjust further. Takes less stamina to jump and regenerates faster • HUD improvements - if low on Well Being, it prevents Stamina regeneration. It will clearly show that now • Server tabs are staying on the same tab from the last session • Added spread on running/sprinting. So hip fire when running is not accurate. ADS removes spread, only recoil will remain. • Improvements have been made for Missions • WASD now exists Global Vault and containers screen • TAB now closes Global Vault and containers screen • CTRL + Left click (Move item packs from Global Vault to Container) Fixes • Fixed an issue where loading would still get stuck on Windows 7 • Fixed an issue with loot outline rendering • Fixed an issue where stamina wouldn't regenerate properly under certain circumstances • Fixed an issue regarding reviving team members • Fixed an issue where guns would lose their attachments when moved to and from Global Vault • Fixed an issue where the player couldn't pick up loot • Several collision fixes have been made • Performance improvements have been made
  12. As of right now, everyone is waiting for the wipe to happen.
  13. Hey everyone! We wanted to update you guys on what is currently being developed. The following stuff is hopefully coming by the end of this week: TPS Servers • WarZ/ISS "faithful" camera and aiming in third person will return • Switching between TPS and FPS camera at anytime you want • Switching shoulders to left to right will return • Piñata style loot drop Movement • No snare when getting shot • No movement slowdown when jumping Aiming • Spread when you are shooting while moving • Sprint adds to spread, and it will curve overtime as soon as you stop sprinting • No spread (recoil only) in ADS, both stationary and moving Stamina Adjustments • Stamina will regenerate 3 seconds after you stop sprinting or jumping. Faster regeneration • Stamina will only be consumed when you sprint or jump • Full Stamina bar will give you 10 jumps and around 2~2.5 minutes of sprinting Those values will be adjusted on needs of PvP balance and PvE convenience for world exploration Meds Adjustments Meds are divided in three categories Category 1 - Instant use, small amount of instant heal and a cooldown of a few seconds Category 2 - Time to use, moderate amount of heal on use, no cooldown Category 3 - Time to use, small amount of heal on use plus healing buff overtime, no cooldown
  14. This issue should be fixed in the latest patch https://forum.playoutbreak.com/topic/54712-patch-4/
  15. Zombies are definitely still something that is being worked on. New sounds for these Zombies are coming too. No ETA. There are still some issues where zombies don't target/focus on other players when drawn attention. Zombies are being worked on every patch
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