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  2. yesterday the packs of the game changes and gave to survivor players 2k G-COINS and 7 days premium, a day before it i used one extra key that a have under the redeem code button and receved the in game items and 75 GI slots, but today (after the changes) a friend of mine did the samething and get everithing i get,plus 2k G-COINS, in total he gets 4k G-COINS just because he activated a day after me? is it true?
  3. Yesterday
  4. So i buyght a gun skyn box m.1 and receved a Evo skin called ''Undertowm'' that box says in your descritsion ''Gun skin boxes. Gives you a ONE radom perment use gun skin. once used you can use this skin UNLIMETED number of times on your gun'' but i used once and desapers!! is it a glith or someting? you guys can help me?
  5. Last week
  6. Starter Pack re-evaluation. We've adjusted value of the Starter Packs to reflect existing marketplace prices realities. As of right now - all existing players have received following bonuses to match their pack content to newly updated website store : Survivor Pack : 2,000 G-COINS and 7 days of Premium Account status when Prem Account will go live Slayer Pack : 3,000 G-COINS Master Pack : 8,250 G-COINS All new players will receive following
  7. Eraldo


    I get a survivor key watching a live on twich , and i activated on my account but i get a master key on stream and i want to know if i activated on the same account i can use my survivor key in another account?
  8. Ok good to know has neone seen the 90's cd?
  9. hello im trying to download the game and the launcher is just black screened after like 5 minuets of sitting with the black screen a message pops up and says to cannot connect to the update server and to check my fire wall.. i have looked at my firewall and Outbreak is already allowed past it.. so can anyone tell me whats wrong and how to fix? thank you
  10. Vote HERE: http://www.strawpoll.me/20523627
  11. Thanks you. With your advice i drop
  12. warz/iss was never intended to be realistic... thats why it was popular besides all those "immersive, realistic" other games...
  13. Oh ok thank you for your answer !
  14. ciao come hai fatto a riscattare il seriale dopo il drop? grazie
  15. ciao, sono riuscito a prendere tramite drop su twitch la chiave accesso gioco, ma come riscatto i premi??
  16. i want to know if the key i get watching twitch tv have an expiration date to active?!
  17. bonjour la quete de radio silence et ta 50% impossible de la rendre
  18. The quest hand in is currently bugged. The delivery should be in front of the vendor but it is currently not working in game, this was confirmed on the discord by devs. Happy hunting
  19. happens some times, try to re link your account to the drops by signing off and back on at drops.playoutbreak.com and see if that helps. Remember that the drops are random and not guaranteed every 27 mins. Good luck and happy hunting
  20. It seems to be bugged. You should be able to tag a few, then relog and tag them again on another server.
  21. Just posting a video made by a guy who doesn't have the slightest clue whats going on in the community... Good job buddy, good job. He literally criticizes them for having things the community wants in this very video, ridiculous if you ask me. If he wants to talk about the game he should atleast know what he is talking about else its just not worth watching this.
  22. Right now you just swap out worse guns for better guns in the middle of your loot run. When you let people fill their bags with guns they will bring back mixtures of high and low end guns, moving the process of picking what you keep to when you're organizing your GI, not when you're looting resulting in less running. Personally Ive not been in a situation where i had so many of the rarest items in the game on me that I couldn't carry more whilst looting. People will never run out of guns as it is, Mk1 and Mk2 are extremely common. Its about getting the rare versions. Making guns only take up one slot is a good change imo. The game isn't meant to be realistic anyway, noone plays it for that and it has always been a poor argument.
  23. I didn t drop anything in 4 hours of streaming, is normal?
  24. SS had the best looting system in any game I ever played. The common to Legendary drops, from legendary lives to repairing, everything. I really want this game ot be SS2 as SS was the best looter shooter I have ever played and my friends as well. Really hope this game turns out to be SS2 in terms of like, everything lmao.
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